What Gem Designs Boutique Customers Are Saying...

"Hi Verna! Good morning. Just wanted to let you know that I love the eyeglass chain, and I'm sure my sister will too!"  - Vickie

"Excellent excellent service! Very calm, polite, and extremely professional! You have a new customer! I will definitely be placing more orders in the near future!"  - Christine 

"Thank you Gem Designs Boutique!!! My daughters and I love them" -  Deanna

"As I embarked on a new journey I shared the vision I had with Vee and she brought it to life in these beautiful pieces! Thank you so much Vee! I am so excited for my next piece." - Casey 

"This bracelet was created by Gem Designs Boutique to aid me in my infertility journey…Let me tell you why I love it... It’s so much more than a bracelet. There are 18 stones circling my wrist. 4 moonstones, one for each soul, each being, each baby lost. But moonstone is a love stone that grants wishes and it calms that primal voice inside. It balances that empty with the full and reminds me that it’s NOT over. 5 rose quartz – the years we spent looking through rose colored glasses. Praying, hoping, speaking this baby into being. Forgiving my body and learning to be compassionate with myself. 5 aquamarine – the cool years. More reflection and dreaming, trying hard not to shatter, the stone of protection from harm. protecting me in a way that sits beyond our common definition of “safe.” Fitting. 10 years total of the time we’ve spent, my heart aching for one more chance at motherhood. 4 smooth, round balls of unakite. Do you know what the name of that stone means? “What comes together, grows together.” I choose to call it “energy glue.” Ya’ll, this is SO much more than a bracelet. It is so much more than a bracelet. Stay with me – 18 stones that wrap my wrist where my pulse beats strong… being warmed by my heartbeat and allowing that energy to circulate through my body creating an oasis of divine, juicy, earth, waiting to be planted with life. This circle of stones is the physical manifestation of a prayer, magic, a spell, a wish set free from hands that heal with the most ancient of wisdom. Hear me now - Not everyone can do this. Not everyone has the power to allow the divine to work through her art. Not everyone has this calling. But I am lucky, you see. Because she is in my tribe. And she made me this bracelet… which we know is so much more than a bracelet." - Kenya

"I have now purchased 2 bracelets from Verna one is as beautiful as the other...Great work and a great value." - Tony