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Copper Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces

Copper Wrapped Gemstone Necklaces


Copper Wrapped Gemstones Necklaces

A re- introduction to the site!

Limited availability



Sodalite (on black ball chain)


Yellow Opal


On Copper ball chain - 21 inch length

These are free form- no two are alike! If you see one pictured that you’d like, please add note to order.

Copper is a conductor. Think battery- it enhances the stone its wrapped around.

Citrine- Think Joy/ Abundance/ Prosperity

Amazonite- Think calm/balance of masculine and feminine energies

Sodalite- Think Intuition/ Truth/ Self-esteem

Amethyst- Think Inner Peace/ Spiritual Growth/ Protection from negative energies

Yellow Opal- Think Emotional Stability/Growth/ Optimism

Apatite- Think manifestation/ focus/ clarity/confidence/creativity/ communication

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